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Very nice webinar with Gail and Matt. Thanks for listening!

This year we combine SM Tech Friday and BSMS. Join us when we have webinar with CallQ from UK.

We love the talks at BSMS. This year Anders joined online to talk about digital tools in theatre.

We are back at Broadway! We attend online with a digital booth. Anders will participate in the talk about digital tools for theatre at 12.20 PM/18.20 Danish time.

And Monday we have an online workshop for the 200 participants.

This year the BSMS has been extended. Join us for free at the SM Tech Monday.

The 10th of January you can participate at the Global EPIC Event 2022!

It's a 24 hours event, with talks about theatre online from all over the world. You can follow 4 pillars: Create, Design, Produce and Perform. See whole program here 

We are doing it online again this year!

Join our both at the Symposium. We will give demos and talk about sustainable theatre.

Stage Managers from all over the world are joining us!

See the whole program 

Sustainable Theatre is the key word for the evening.

Together with danish Bæredygtigscenekunst NU, Broadway Stage Management Symposium we will talk about making theater green.

See the webinar again

New version in Appstore!

We have added new feature with possibility for detailed blocking. 

And now you can save your script in a pdf file.

Hope you all doing well and hopefully see you for more theatre work next year!

AVM interview fra Teknikmessen 2018
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Det er virkelig godt tænkt, det med cues. Man opretter et cue også er det direkte i kørelisten. Jeg slipper jo for at sidde efter prøven og lave den liste. Så er der mere tid til lys designet
Lya Lundsager - Freelance lysdesigner, Copenhagen, Denmark
Cue to Cue - Det er jo et lækkert navn
Rikke Lange - The one and only company, Copenhagen, Denmark
Cue to Cue er fremtidens teater!
Naja Fribert - Folketeatret, Copenhagen, Denmark
Det er smart, nemt og en hurtig måde at dele cues. Meget tidsbesparende.
Henrik Hansen - Skuespilshuset, Copenhagen, Denmark