Stage Managers spend too much time on tedious tasks!!!

We want to give back time to stage managers to work on the important creative process. We can do that by making tools that make tedious tasks easier or automated.

Cue to Cue has set out the help theatres all over the world work smarter. 

Digital Tools aimed for effectiveness and collaboration.

We continuously improve our product to meet new or changing demands. We collect insights from everybody working with live productions from directors, stage managers, scriptwriters to technicians and stage hands. Your feedback makes us better and makes all of us better.

Ready to go digital?

Scripts too often end up being more of a personal scrapbook than a tool for collaboration and insights. We combine the personal with easy collaboration by sharing of cues, blocking, drawings, pictures with colleagues.

And a coffee spill won't be a full blown crisis any more. Everything is safe online.  


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Our aim is to make the best app for theatre. We continue to add new features based on input from user around the world. A subscription to cue to cue ensures that you are always on the latest version. 

Mik Manley Andersson, technical officer at Teater Momentum m.fl.
"Yes! Finally a digital Script!"

Freelancer or Inhouse? Everyone can use the app. You can work by yourself or work together with the entire team of stage mangers, writers, designers, light and sound specialists. Work the way you want to.

Lya Lundsager, freelance light designer at Teater Vestvolden
"I can finally read my own and all the others' notes. No more hieroglyphs!"

No more wasted time creating list. Its not just easier to read other peoples notes. The app allow you to reuse data and automatically create lists like cue list or the cast list directly from the script. 

Try Cue to Cue, one month free trial

To get the season 2020/2021 started you can try the app for free.

Made by People back stage

The idea for the app is conceived behind the curtain. We've been in close dialogue with all proffessions working in theatres in order to make the best solution for creative collaboration. The input we have received and are receving gives us a solid foundation to build on.

New Best Friends

We're working with ARE - The spanish Stage Manager Association - to educate and spread digital stage mangement. If you're a member go there and get a great offer.